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"BZZZ" is a general term encompassing a variety of phenomena resulting in brain-overload, body spasms and difficulty speaking. The word derives from new-nonsense and has since been used to describe how a variety of sound-elements, which are uncategorised, undefined and in its nature seeking the boundaries of modern moronic music. Through weird synthesis, strange breaks and a truck full of rolling basses, Messy Mass is exploring "BZZZ" through a truly multi-genre vibe, painting a scrumptiously auditory 4 course offering that truly takes you to that 10am feeling on a sunny Sunday morning dancefloor at an outdoor doof.

With a fast filling European 2012 schedule, Delicious Music is stoked to be working alongside one of our favourite European based artists. For news, reviews and general chaos, click the link for the latest goss:


released January 17, 2012

Thanks to Suntekk Mastering for their patience and outstanding services:




Messy Mass Denmark

Messy Mass is Mads Christensen, born in 1983 in Denmark. A random guy from the middle of a global nowhere land.

The Messy Mass project is based on making funky psychedelic dance tunes with a twist of something odd! Be it weird synthesis, jazzy-breaks or the sound of your mum doing Jabba the Hut the bottom line is; If it makes people smile and dance, the project and I are happy!
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